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Estradiol Gel (110ml)

Transdermal Estradiol Gel is the ideal method of administration for those scared of or unable to access syringes, or for those travelling abroad. Gel comes in  55ml or 110ml airless pump bottles at a concentration of 10mg/ml. The airless pump bottles dispense 0.2ml (2mg) per pump.

Typical locations of administration (in ascending order of absorption) include: forearm, lower stomach, thigh, buttock, armpit, scrotum

Administration to scrotum provides the best absorption, but is associated with pain, likely due to TRPV1. Scrotal administration is not tolerated in all individuals and should be performed with caution. A smaller region of administration is associated with improved absorption. Scrotal absorption will lead to greater variability in estradiol levels.

Do not don clothes until fully dried. Do not bathe for two hours following administration. Caution should be exercised if applying to thin areas of skin such as the face that are susceptible to the drying, damaging, and defatting effects of high concentration ethanol.

If you have small pets, ensure that they do not rub up against areas where you apply the gel, or up against clothes that may rub against such sites and accumulate residues.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not suitable for refrigeration.

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17-B Estradiol (1100mg), Ethanol Denat. 96% (61.0%), Purified Water (38.1%), Triethanolamine (0.5%), Carbomer 940 (0.4%), Dyes: Rhodamine, Tartrazine (Trace %) — All percentages by weight




0.2ml per pump


2mg per pump

Total Volume


Total Active Ingredient


% Alcohol

59% by weight

Alcohol Denaturants

Ethyl Acetate, Isopropanol

Final Notes

Do not apply to areas of irritated or broken skin. If applied to areas where the skin barrier has been broken, discontinue application in that region until healed.

In the case of the pump mechanism sticking, press repeatedly until gel continues to be dispensed. If after multiple (80+) repetitions, mechanism fails to become unstuck, unscrew pump unit and insert long, thin metallic implement into gel. Depress pump platform, then replace pump unit and repeat depression of pump mechanism.

If you have congenital heart issues or a family history of breast cancer, consult a doctor.

Anecdotal observation suggests that severe connective tissue disorders are more common in trans individuals. If you are hypermobile with a history of joint pain, subluxation, dislocations, or unexplained weakness of cardiac valves, please consider the following:


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