Orders have reopened. Thank you for your patience. Please be mindful of your fellow trans people when placing your orders.

21/12/22 is likely to be the final date for orders to be shipped this year. Orders will still be accepted, but shipping will resume 01/01/23.

Monero is the safest and most private mainstream cryptocurrency. You used to be able to obtain Monero (and many other common cryptocurrencies) at Kraken Exchange using your card, however, recently the platform has stopped UK customers from purchasing from them. If you have time, there is a decent guide here on how to manage this recent shift. You are also advised to setup a cryptocurrency wallet of your own for you to withdraw into. We recommend the GUI Wallet for XMR or the Electrum Wallet for BTC. Control over your wallet grants you better discretion and control over the fees you pay, as well as prevents centralised exchanges from delaying release of your funds in order to game profit off fluctuations in the value of crypto. Such attempts to profit off people spending their own cryptocurrency have led to payments sometimes being delayed for hours and wreak havoc on crypto payment systems. 


Simply send the quoted amount from your exchange address to our wallet address provided during checkout. Ensure that you pay any "gas" fees for your cryptocurrency transaction to ensure that your order is processed properly.


Alternatively, if you're a complete crypto beginner, you can use Moonpay to buy bitcoin using the following steps.

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, payment confirmation is time and computationally intensive. It can take up to 1-2 hours for your payment to be properly processed during periods of high trading volume. If using Bitcoin, you can check the status of your transaction here by entering the wallet address into the search bar. For Bitcoin, once it reaches 1 confirmation you will receive an email confirming your order.

A small number of UK banks don't allow payments to companies involved in the crypto industry (such as Moonpay or Binance).


There are various options:

  1.  Get a trusted friend with knowledge of how to use crypto to make your purchase for you and pay them back.
  2. Open a free Monzo crypto-friendly account (https://monzo.com/). They don't have fees or minimum deposits and you can send crypto direct from the wallet.
  3. Open a Wise.com account and create a virtual debit card here (https://wise.com/gb/virtual-card/) which you can use for payments to crypto companies.
  4. Use a peer-to-peer exchange, such as AgoraDesk or LocalBitcoins, where you can buy Bitcoin at a premium from independent sellers using cryptocurrency escrow wallets operated by the peer-to-peer exchange. (only use reputable vendors on the site)