Orders have reopened. Thank you for your patience. Please be mindful of your fellow trans people when placing your orders.

21/12/22 is likely to be the final date for orders to be shipped this year. Orders will still be accepted, but shipping will resume 01/01/23.

Contact Us

Contact us at vannapharma (at) protonmail (dot) com
or use the link below with the passcode not a bot to access the contact form.

If you are concerned about privacy, using links from self-destructing, single-read message services such as https://privnote.com/ is acceptable and even recommended. If you open the message after creating it, we will be unable to view it, since it is single read. (There is no need to include a password. Since you would have to provide it unprotected.)

While we do need an email to contact you by, if you wish, you may use a disposable email with your actual contact email as the first line of the message with your name on the second line.

When you're not paranoid and they really are out to get you, use a VPN and private browsing (or TOR) to access the site and send any messages. (Be aware, your ISP can log your TOR use if you're not using a VPN, even if they are incapable of telling what you view)